StarDisc is an illuminated 21st century stone circle created by Aidan Shingler. It spans 12 meters (40 ft). Carved into black granite is a star chart that mirrors the northern hemisphere’s night sky. The surface of the stone circle is inscribed with the constellations, their names and a depiction of the Milky Way. Contrasting with the star chart is a perimeter of silver granite on which 12 stone seats are positioned; the seats denote the months of the year.

At night, low emission lights powered by our nearest star, the Sun,  illuminate StarDisc. 

“Throughout my life I have been enchanted by the mystery and magic of the stars. My interest in the stars lies with our emotional response to them – their power to ignite our imagination and sense of wonder. The inspiration for StarDisc stems from a vision to create environments where people from all walks of life can gather, contemplate and connect with whatever resides beyond the sphere of our world.”
Aidan Shingler: StarDisc Creator

“StarDisc is intended to inspire wonderment; that too has been my intention during the 55 years I have presented The Sky at Night. To study the stars is to study life; the more we understand the stars, the more we understand ourselves. Congratulations to all who have made StarDisc a reality.” 
Sir Patrick Moore: 1923 – 2012 
Astronomer and Television Presenter/BBC – The Sky at Night

Launched in 2011 in the Derbyshire Dales, the inaugural 40ft (Macro) StarDisc, has attracted tens of thousands of visitors, and provided countless opportunities and abounding community benefits.

Following this phenomenal success, its creator Aidan Shingler, in partnership with lighting engineer Morgan Barke,  now makes available the illuminated 21st Century Stone Circle in three additional sizes, Meso, Mino, and Micro StarDiscs, creating a unique opportunity to bring the stars closer to home and your friends and family together

At the heart of this artistic endeavour is a threefold ethos:

■ Champion the unification of Art, Science and Spirituality

■ Celebrate diversity, common humanity and shared cultural heritage

■ Cherish our home planet, the gift of life and our place amongst the stars