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For more information about the stars and planets and our amazing Universe, check out the links on the Explore More page.

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With thanks to The Duke of Devonshire Charitable Trust, Georgia Litherland from In Heritage, Art & Soul Friendship Group and White Peak Astronomical Group for supporting this project.

For Teachers:


​ Ideas for games to play (at StarDisc).

How Big is Time:

Experiments about time and space (at StarDisc, home and school).


 Constellations and calculations (at StarDisc).


Count the numbers of stars in different constellations (at StarDisc).

Wordseach-Animal Antics:

Name constellations (at StarDisc).


StarDisc art ideas.(at StarDisc, home and school).

Astonishing astronomy :

Mind-boggling facts (at StarDisc, home and school).

Famous Astronomers:

Big names in astronomy (at StarDisc, home and school).

Wordseach - Constellations:

Wordsearch & facts (at StarDisc).

Wordsearch - heavenly Bodies:

Wordsearch & facts (at StarDisc).

multiversal Chaos:

Spot and count the ET’s (at home and school). 


​Name that Constellation (at StarDisc)..


What can I see when? (at home and school).


Imagine, worlds, planets and life forms (at StarDisc, home and school).

We are StarDust :

 Imagine, draw or write about other life forms (at home and school).


​Cosmic words & facts (at StarDisc, home and school).

Some activities can be done at StarDisc, home and in the classroom. For some though, you would need to find a sky map or online star chart to help you if you’re not at StarDisc.. You can also print activity sheets and bring them to StarDisc in good weather.

​Please take care – We accept no liability for any accidents or injuries arising from having fun onsite.