Bespoke Lighting:

The creator of StarDisc Aidan Shingler, in collaboration with lighting and electronics engineer Morgan Barke, have combined artistic vision with technical expertise to create a range of captivating atmospheric lighting scenes. 

These immersive lighting scenes have been specifically designed to translate to all sizes of StarDiscs.                         

■  DARK SKIES: Static Red                                                                                    

■  BLUE SKIES: Static Blue

■  HEART BEAT: Pulsating Red

■  BREATH: Synchronized to 6 meditative breaths per minute – fresh Mint Green/Blue

■  CANDLE LIGHT: Flickering flame Yellow/Orange

■  STAR LIGHT: Shimmering White/Blue

■  DEEP SPACE: Morphing Purple/Blue/Violet 

■  CLOSE ENCOUNTERS/LIGHT SPEED: Rotating multi-coloured

■  CLOSE ENCOUNTERS/SLOW MOTION: Rotating multi-coloured

■  STARDISCO: Random rapid change multi-coloured

■  PARTICLE ACCELERATOR: Spinning white light, reaching break-neck speed with strobe crescendo

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 Lighting features: 

StarDisc Range:

Launched in 2011 in the Derbyshire Dales, the inaugural 40ft (Macro) StarDisc, has attracted tens of thousands of visitors, and provided countless opportunities and abounding community benefits.

Following this phenomenal success, its creator Aidan Shingler in partnership with lighting engineer Morgan Barke, conceptualised the illuminated 21st Century Stone Circle in three additional sizes, 21ft Meso, 14ft Mino, and 7ft Micro StarDiscs.

Featuring a star map carved in black granite depicting the constellations, their names, the Milky Way, and equator, with contrasting silver granite surround and integral LED’s displaying a selection of lighting scenes.

The StarDisc Array:

Since its launch, StarDisc has attracted tens of thousands of visitors and delivered wide ranging benefits to the local community, businesses, astronomy and outdoor groups, schools and audience goers. Events, performances and activities staged at StarDisc inspire and captivate.

Following the success of the inaugural StarDisc, its creator and collaborators aspire to establish The StarDisc Array, an earthbound constellation of StarDiscs. The StarDisc Array in intended to form a series of visionary interactive public art installations and deliver significant social, economic and community benefits.

Each new StarDisc will celebrate diversity and creativity and nurture cohesion in communities. The StarDisc Array creates a compelling opportunity to demonstrate ‘unity through inclusion’ by establishing a network of universally inclusive meeting places where religion and  secularism are both equally and simultaneously relevant and irrelevant and political divisions are eclipsed by wonderment. 

The vision for the StarDisc Array is that it will endure for hundreds of years both physically and through its civic value, and shine as a beacon of inspirational artistic excellence and enterprising community endeavour.

Star Seekers Way:

Post establishment of the Array, StarDisc sites will be linked to create Star Seekers Way; a mapped stellar trail that will develop astro-tourism by encouraging visits to each StarDisc and its locality via sites of historic and contemporary significance. The StarDisc Array and Star Seekers Way will contribute to creative and artistic heritage, and leave an enduring cultural legacy for future generations.


StarDisc was inspired by a close encounter experienced in 1997 by its creator Aidan Shingler, who intended the celestial arena be used to facilitate contact with extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional beings.

In the past several transmissions have been conducted by openminded seekers interacting with ET’s. 

Transmissions from StarDisc in 2024 are ongoing through the CE5 CONTACT NETWORK 

Proceedings are recorded to assist evidence capture with the aim of enabling any conspicuous sightings to be brought to light.

If we can demonstrate StarDisc Transmissions as an effective means of contact, we will endeavour to establish additional StarDiscs elsewhere, to intensify and expand the scope of engagement.

The awareness and acceptance that Star Beings are a reality, accompanied by the hope that they are here to assist us, has the potential to transform humanity by deepening our spirituality, expanding our consciousness, and accelerating our evolution.

Should you wish to be involved in this exciting venture please use the contact page.

  • CE5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind/Human initiated contact with ETs.

Networked Frequency Transmissions:

Coming soon…